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Art That Speaks to Your Soul

We offer prints of hand-painted original watercolor pieces made by local artist Libby Schear. After each painting is finished it is then meticulously digitalized, edited, and printed on Rustico cotton paper to maintain the highest quality. All prints are 600 DPI to ensure that each piece has the same level of detail and vibrancy as the original artwork.

You can also purchase a digital version of these paintings and print them at your convenance at home!

Contact us for inquiries about the original paintings or for custom made paintings/prints.


My name is Libby Schear

I was born in Dayton, Ohio and spent a large portion of my life traveling to different countries to understand new cultures and ways of life. My passion for art was introduced to me by my grandmother who was a professional abstract painter. I was later formally taught different mediums (sketching, oil paint, wood work, acrylic, and metalwork) at the University of Miami. While learning art I also studied in international relations, history, and Jewish studies. Afterwards, I finished my Masters at the London School of Economics in International Relations. The combination of my studies and travels pointed me in the direction of the only country that felt like home - Israel.


I am deeply passionate about the continuation of the Jewish people, our culture, and our homeland. Therefore, I left my job as a counterterrorism analyst and made Aliya in August 2021 becoming an Israeli citizen and starting a new life alone in Tel Aviv. For the first two months of the war we were restricted to our apartment because of the constant barrage of rockets and so I focused my energy into creating both physical and digital art to represent the multifaceted cultures and personalities of Israel.

These prints have been created with all of this in mind. The prints include watercolor paintings that have been digitalized with the highest attention to detail and edited with precision and digital art made on Procreate, also with acute attention to detail. Each print is in high resolution and each digital download includes JPG, PNG, and PDF versions. I have also added sticker packs for certain products. 


Thank you for supporting us during this time!