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Evil Eye

The power of the Evil Eye is ancient and ubiquitous. It is the idea that when one looks at an individual with envy or ill-will, they can cause them suffering. This powerful amulet has been used for centuries to ward off this harmful negative energy. ​


In the Torah, it is said that the species of fish are not mentioned in the naming of animals as they are hidden from the eyes of man. Just as fish are hidden from the eyes of man, so too are they hidden from the Evil Eye. As it says in the Gemara in Tractate Brochos [20a; 55b]: “Fish are covered by the sea (i.e. – they are ‘out of sight’) and the Evil Eye cannot rule over them." The Talmud mentions several times how fish also symbolize fertility, blessings, and abundance.


The Hamsa, a symbolic palm-shaped amulet, has the power to neutralize negative energy and protect from danger. Popular in Middle Eastern and North African traditions, as well as in Jewish mysticism, the hamsa protects against the evil eye.

Hoshen Stones

The Hoshen was the sacred breastplate worn by the Israelite High Priests who were the mediators between the twelve tribes of Israel and God. Hoshen stones represent the link between the ambitions of man and nature's perfection. As there are precious and non-precious stones in the Hoshen, it also serves as a reminder that all people are created equal in the eyes of God. 

Star of David

The double triangle of the Star of David symbolizes the connection between the internal and external dimensions of three entities: the Jewish soul, God, and the study of Torah. The soul connects to God through the study and observance of Torah. Internally, the essence of the soul connects with God’s essence, which transcends all of creation, through the esoteric study of Kabbalah. Externally, the soul connects to the God's "revealed" energy by the exoteric studying of the Talmud.

Tree of Life

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